Everyone hates waiting, right? You don’t usually go to the airport to wait. You go there because you need to travel, fly, get elsewhere. So if you wind up sitting tight for quite a long time on end, the explanation is maybe misfortune, karma, something you didn’t figure out how to avoid. On the other hand, in air travel terms: a long layover or a delayed flight.

However, remember that wise people said: Every cloud has a silver lining! A long delay at the airport can be fun and maybe even worthwhile (Yes, as in: can present to you some money). How? It’s more than superficial.

Adventure Time: Explore the airport

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Big and beautiful

A few air terminals are enormous and delightful! Their engineering and inside plan is refined craftsmanship. For example, if you are sufficiently fortunate to have your delay at Singapore Changi Airport, I envy you wholeheartedly. A few explorers plan overnight to have the occasion to wonder about this cutting edge heaven – its goliath glass arch, the taking off cascade, the tropical asylum with its orchid blossoms and butterflies.

International airports are like the Olympic Games opening ceremonies – an occasion to grandstand the magnificence and cultural variety. Whether it’s the magical Edo-koji road at Haneda Airport with its lamp-lit little shops or the sand-ridges molded Hamad International in Doha, Qatar, with its gym and unique public art shows, they are superb! If you need to see them, plan a trip via one of the biggest airports in the world.

Treasure hunt

On the other hand, if you are at a smaller airport, you can still study its design. You can begin a campaign to locate the best, most comfortable, or calmest waiting area. Exploration all the washrooms and name the cleanest of all.

Locate the shortest routes to the flood zone and the kiosks. Find the things wrapping machines or a TV-equipped free lounge. All the power attachments and the best wi-fi spots (in addition to the wi-fi password!).

Furthermore, suppose you’re going with kids. In that case, you may effortlessly transform this into a treasure hunt: Find and take photographs of all the power attachments. (Keep them to accomplish all the work, keep them busy and relax, all at the same time – only genius).

Drain the wi-fi

See, now that you know the wi-fi password, you can go online and do all the fun things you never seem to have enough time for. Watch funny videos, read your favorite online journals, check the weather report, read your friend’ posts via social media, like all those photos on Instagram, or look at funny airport photos.

Shop hop

Although shops can be very costly, they offer great variety. You don’t generally need to purchase anything if you’re on a limited spending plan. Simply browse.

You can explore the fragrances at the scent of free perfume and start a brand new X-mas or B-day list of things to get. Some airport stores sell amusing T-shirts and small charming plane toys that make for extraordinary presents for your friends and family.

The shopping area is also an incredible opportunity to get some culture-branded present- be it Stroopwafels from Amsterdam, camel milk chocolates from Dubai, or green-tea KitKat from Tokyo.

Update your Social media profile

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Browsing social media may sometimes seem like a waste of time. Still, it’s like an interesting thing to do while waiting at the airport. Why not use the time to revamp your social media profile or compose a couple of posts. You can even begin a Best-terminal selfie challenge with your friends.

Play games on your smartphone

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Snowboarding at high speed, shoot birds, fight brawlers, go on journeys and look for partners and fortunes or order your own fortress and recruit your own gathering of professional killers.

This may drain your battery; however, fortunately, you’ve just explored the airport and know where the power attachments are found!

Listen to your favorite music or podcast.

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When was the last time you could listen to a whole collection? After all, probably the best bands have idea-collections that were made to listen to in one go. If you’ve never done this, check it out. Maybe, you incline toward playlists or webcasts? This is your opportunity, grab your earphones and appreciate!

Read a book

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You can read the books on the web, download these on your telephone (there are many applications), or simply visit the airport book shop. This may turn into an incredible opportunity to explore the most recent well-known titles or locate another most loved author.

Why not read 2 random pages out of each section to find your favorite genre?