Consider this current issue, Covid 19 still exists. We know that quarantine might be boring. No worries, because you have a lot of time to watch these recommended shows at home. Are you curious about it? Keep scrolling this article below.

With so many web-based features and so much content out there, we know there are a lot of TV shows for viewers to browse, and this can be overwhelming. To make your day during quarantine fun, we highly recommend you stream on these popular channels on Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and YouTube.

I’m Sorry | Netflix

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SFGate called “I’m Sorry,” the “best show you’ve most likely never seen.” The show is helmed by comic/entertainer/essayist Andrea Savage (of “Veep” and “Stepbrothers”). “I’m Sorry” follows Andrea Warren – who Savage, as co-maker, has esteemed “an overstated variant” of herself – a TV writer balancing a boorish parody circuit filled up with slime ball companions while exploring the “responsible” side that includes her role as a mother to a preschool-aged daughter and her part as a spouse. The show has been renewed for a third season with a TBD debut date.

Insecure | HBO

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“Insecure” tells the story of the black female experience from the perspective of two female protagonists, (Issa Rae) and Molly (Yvonne Orji). They have been best friends with one another since their school days at Stanford. In their late 20s, they explore vocation and relationship experience while living in their hometown of Los Angeles. The two share a close bond. They deal with internal struggles within themselves, their friendship, and the African American community throughout the show. The fourth season began streaming not long ago and has recently been nominated for eight Emmy Awards.

Never Have I Ever | Netflix

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Another Netflix series made by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, “Never Have I Ever,” is based on Devi Vishwakumar (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), a 15-year-old young lady in Southern California. Following a loathsome first year, Devi needs to change her societal position. However, companions, family, and sentiments don’t make it simple for her. “Never Have I Ever” is the high schooler romantic comedy you didn’t realize you were missing.

Little Fires Everywhere | Hulu

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Based on Celeste Ng’s 2017 blockbuster, “Little Fires Everywhere” follows the interweaved fates of the truly flawless Richardson family. A mysterious mother (Kerry Washington) and little girl overturn their lives and investigate the heaviness of privileged insights, the idea of art and identity, the brutal draw of motherhood – and the danger in accepting that adhering to the standards can deflect fiasco. From the start, the show is by all accounts a rural whodunit. But, at that point, it turns into an investigation of two ladies—Elena Richardson, an affluent mother of four, and Mia Warren, a traveling single parent, who become inseparably connected.

Schitt’s Creek | Netflix

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“Schitt’s Creek” is simply an unconventional comedy. In this sitcom, a wealthy couple – video store financier Johnny and his soap opera star wife Moira – suddenly find themselves totally broke. With only one remaining asset, a modest community called Schitt’s Creek, which the Roses purchased years sooner as a joke, this once-wealthy couple must surrender life as they probably know it. With their two spoiled children in tow and their spoiled lives behind them, the Rose family is forced to confront their recently discovered poverty head-on and meet up as a family to survive.