These lists below might be your references for a romantic cafe you should visit with your loved ones one day while you are visiting Paris. Are you curious? Check it out!


Image by Café de la Paix Paris from Google Paris

Mixing Art Deco with hints of current artistry and plan, Senderens bistro and eatery resembles none other. Flawless assistance leaves the food alone the feature.

Culinary expert Alain Senderens, who loans his name to the café, offers France’s tastes that verge on unrealistic. A genuine culinary craftsman, each flavor is perfect and will please you with each nibble.

Excellent wines wash down these delights in this rich foundation that is a point of convergence of focal Paris.


Image by  Erika Nakayama from Google Maps

There’s nothing similar to seeing the glass pyramids of the Louver and the Champs Élysées extending endlessly behind the edge of your espresso mug or reflected in your darling’s eyes.

Set straight in the Palais du Louver with its porch spilling into the beautiful esplanade, Café Marly puts you directly in the core of Paris. Its work of art, Napoleon III’s plan is reflected in the exemplary dishes and delightful bites that are sufficient to cause you to fail to remember who you’re with, if only for a second.


Image by Hotel DUNORD from Google Maps

Opening onto the truly flawless Canal Saint-Martin, made renowned in the film Amélie, the Hôtel du Nord is one of those stylish, diverse forts that everybody fantasies about finding.

Filled with locals’ diverse clientele, the snappy plan is delicate and sentimental, glinting with candlelight and recolored classical mirrors. In the mid-year, a little porch lets you appreciate the beams and the quiet air that saturates from the banks of the channel while tasting the absolute best conventional French food.

Odette Paris

Image by Angelie Khu from Google Maps

Odette Paris or La Maison ODETTE Paris is a pastry shop specializing in ice cream puffs. Vanilla or chocolate, pistachio or coffee, passion or caramel with salted butter, lemon, berries, or praline. Their size makes it an ideal dish for all.

Initially designed in the little kitchen of the leading shop in Notre Dame, ODETTE Paris cream puffs are made each day in our lab situated in Paris’s focal point by our good baked groups. A few clumps are made each day to fulfill the various requests and conveyances of shops, occasions, and people. Cream puffs can be kept for as long as 48 hours in the cooler (ideal temperature somewhere in the range of 3 and 6 degrees).

Cafe Pouchkine

Image by Cafe Pouchkine from Google Maps

Pouchkine, a famous unique café with honorable Russian Heritage in the heart of Paris Loving the conventions of Russian gourmet cooking in France’s core, Café Pouchkine at Place de la Madeleine offers dishes contrived by top-level French culinary specialists in palatial insides.

Today, the brand is a characteristic piece of the City of Light’s cosmopolitan appeal. The eatery area makes Café Pouchkine an ideal beginning stage to investigate its gastronomic quarter. Candy store turned into a legend in its own right, noted as the best cake shop in Paris in Suits TV arrangement.