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Patrick Kerr
Birth Date:
23 January 1956, Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Big Days Ahead (2009)
The Escape Artist (2009)
Waiting for Yvette (2008)
Oh, Boy. (TV) (2007)
Goldfish (2007)
Driving Under the Influence (TV) (2007)
On the Lot (TV Episode) (2007)
Time Upon a Once (TV) (2007)
Wrangling Coach Rankin (2007)
Die Hardly Working (TV) (2007)
Crossing Jordan (TV Episode) (2007)
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV Episode) (2006)
Hannah Montana (TV Episode) (2006)
The New Adventures of Old Christine (TV Episode) (2006)
Eve (TV Episode) (2006)
Domino (2005)
Joey (TV Episode) (2005)
Frasier (TV Episode) (2004)
ER (TV Episode) (2004)
Curb Your Enthusiasm (TV Episode) (2004)
It's All Relative (TV Episode) (2003)
The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire (TV Episode) (2003)
Just Shoot Me! (TV Episode) (2003)
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (TV Episode) (2003)
Yes, Dear (TV Episode) (2003)
The Parkers (TV Episode) (2002)
Will & Grace (TV Episode) (2002)
When Billie Beat Bobby (TV) (2001)
The Norm Show (TV Episode) (2001)
Wrong Way to Sundance (2001)
Oh Baby (TV Episode) (2000)
The David Cassidy Story (TV) (2000)
George Lucas in Love (1999)
Maggie Winters (TV Episode) (1999)
The Brian Benben Show (TV Episode) (1998)
3rd Rock from the Sun (TV Episode) (1998)
Veronica's Closet (TV Episode) (1997)
Toothless (TV) (1997)
Alien Nation: The Enemy Within (TV) (1996)
Seinfeld (TV Episode) (1996)
Ed (1996)
The Parent 'Hood (TV Episode) (1996)
The Home Court (TV Episode) (1996)
Friends (TV Episode) (1996)
The Drew Carey Show (TV Episode) (1995)
Star Trek: Voyager (TV Episode) (1995)
Jeffrey (1995)
Stuart Saves His Family (1995)
The George Carlin Show (TV Episode) (1994)
Acapulco H.E.A.T. (TV Episode) (1994)
Law & Order (TV Episode) (1993)