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Joyce Van Patten
Birth Date:
9 March 1934, New York City, New York, USA
Grown Ups (2010)
Marley & Me (2008)
My Mother's Hairdo (2006)
Desperate Housewives (TV Episode) (2005)
Without a Trace (TV Episode) (2005)
Judging Amy (TV Episode) (2003)
NYPD Blue (TV Episode) (2002)
The Sopranos (TV Episode) (2002)
Oz (TV Episode) (2002)
Now and Again (TV Episode) (1999)
Touched by an Angel (TV Episode) (1999)
Show & Tell (1998)
Infinity (1996)
Unhappily Ever After (TV Episode) (1996)
Jake's Women (TV) (1996)
All-American Girl (TV Episode) (1994)
The Gift of Love (TV) (1994)
Northern Exposure (TV Episode) (1994)
Breathing Lessons (TV) (1994)
Grandpa's Funeral (TV) (1994)
Bob (TV Episode) (1993)
Diagnosis Murder (TV Episode) (1993)
Law & Order (TV Episode) (1993)
Brooklyn Bridge (TV Episode) (1992)
Maid for Each Other (TV) (1992)
Sisters (TV Episode) (1991)
The Haunted (TV) (1991)
Trust Me (1989)
Monkey Shines (1988)
CBS Summer Playhouse (TV Episode) (1987)
Blind Date (1987)
Billy Galvin (1986)
Under the Influence (TV) (1986)
Amazing Stories (TV Episode) (1986)
Tall Tales & Legends (TV Episode) (1985)
Picking Up the Pieces (TV) (1985)
St. Elmo's Fire (1985)
Malice in Wonderland (TV) (1985)
The Falcon and the Snowman (1985)
Crazy Like a Fox (TV Episode) (1984)
In Defense of Kids (TV) (1983)
The Demon Murder Case (TV) (1983)
Another Woman's Child (TV) (1983)
Bus Stop (TV) (1982)
Eleanor, First Lady of the World (TV) (1982)
The Martian Chronicles (TV Episode) (1980)
A Christmas for Boomer (TV) (1979)
You Can't Take It with You (TV) (1979)
The Mary Tyler Moore Hour (TV Series) (1979)
The Comedy Company (TV) (1978)
Murder at the Mardi Gras (TV) (1978)
To Kill a Cop (1978)
The Plant Family (TV) (1978)
Family (TV Episode) (1977)
Lou Grant (TV Episode) (1977)
The Rockford Files (TV Episode) (1977)
Mikey and Nicky (1976)
Columbo (TV Episode) (1976)
The Bad News Bears (1976)
The Manchu Eagle Murder Caper Mystery (1975)
Winner Take All (TV) (1975)
Let's Switch! (TV) (1975)
For the Use of the Hall (TV) (1975)
Amy Prentiss (TV Episode) (1974)
The Stranger Within (TV) (1974)
Winter Kill (TV) (1974)
Insight (TV Episode) (1974)
Wide World Mystery (TV Episode) (1974)
Mame (1974)
Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law (TV Episode) (1974)
Love, American Style (TV Episode) (1974)
The New Dick Van Dyke Show (TV Episode) (1973)
The Streets of San Francisco (TV Episode) (1973)
Mannix (TV Episode) (1973)
The Bob Newhart Show (TV Episode) (1973)
Hawaii Five-O (TV Episode) (1972)
Thumb Tripping (1972)
Medical Center (TV Episode) (1972)
Bone (1972)
Cannon (TV Episode) (1972)
The Don Rickles Show (TV Series) (1972)
McCloud (TV Episode) (1972)
The Bravos (1972)
Young Dr. Kildare (TV Episode) (1972)
Something Big (1971)
Nichols (TV Episode) (1971)
The Bold Ones: The New Doctors (TV Episode) (1971)
Making It (1971)
The F.B.I. (TV Episode) (1971)
Family Affair (TV Episode) (1970)
The Odd Couple (TV Episode) (1970)
Storefront Lawyers (TV Episode) (1970)
But I Don't Want to Get Married! (TV) (1970)
Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You (1970)
The Good Guys (TV Episode) (1970)
The Trouble with Girls (1969)
I Love You, Alice B. Toklas! (1968)
The Iron Horse (TV Episode) (1967)
The Andy Griffith Show (TV Episode) (1967)
Accidental Family (TV Episode) (1967)
The Danny Kaye Show (TV Episode) (1966)
The Loner (TV Episode) (1966)
A Man Called Shenandoah (TV Episode) (1965)
The Virginian (TV Episode) (1965)
Slattery's People (TV Episode) (1965)
The Jack Benny Program (TV Episode) (1965)
Perry Mason (TV Episode) (1965)
Karen (TV Episode) (1965)
Mr. Novak (TV Episode) (1965)
The Outer Limits (TV Episode) (1964)
The Defenders (TV Episode) (1963)
Dr. Kildare (TV Episode) (1963)
The Twilight Zone (TV Episode) (1963)
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (TV Episode) (1963)
The Untouchables (TV Episode) (1963)
Stoney Burke (TV Episode) (1963)
Gunsmoke (TV Episode) (1963)
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (TV Episode) (1963)
The New Loretta Young Show (TV Episode) (1962)
The Wide Country (TV Episode) (1962)
The Detectives Starring Robert Taylor (TV Episode) (1962)
Checkmate (TV Episode) (1962)
Target: The Corruptors (TV Episode) (1962)
Bus Stop (TV Episode) (1962)
Ben Casey (TV Episode) (1961)
The Law and Mr. Jones (TV Episode) (1961)
"Young Dr. Malone" (1958) (TV Series) (1960)
The Goddess (1958)
"As the World Turns" (1956) (TV Series) (1957)
Kraft Television Theatre (TV Episode) (1951)
Fourteen Hours (1951)
Armstrong Circle Theatre (TV Episode) (1950)
The Philco Television Playhouse (TV Episode) (1948)