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John Bryant
Birth Date:
10 August 1916, Dixon, Illinois, USA
Highway to Heaven (TV Episode) (1988)
The Twilight Zone (TV Episode) (1985)
Winning (1969)
The Mod Squad (TV Episode) (1969)
The Virginian (TV Episode) (1968)
Dragnet 1967 (TV Episode) (1968)
Run for Your Life (TV Episode) (1968)
This Is the Life (TV Episode) (1968)
The Monroes (TV Episode) (1966)
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (TV Episode) (1966)
Those Calloways (1965)
The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre (TV Episode) (1964)
Wagon Train (TV Episode) (1964)
Perry Mason (TV Episode) (1963)
Ripcord (TV Episode) (1963)
Walk on the Wild Side (1962)
Checkmate (TV Episode) (1962)
Twist Around the Clock (1961)
Cain's Hundred (TV Episode) (1961)
The Flight That Disappeared (1961)
Sea Hunt (TV Episode) (1961)
Mister Ed (TV Episode) (1961)
The Case of the Dangerous Robin (TV Episode) (1961)
Coronado 9 (TV Episode) (1961)
The Islanders (TV Episode) (1961)
The Marriage-Go-Round (1961)
The Ann Sothern Show (TV Episode) (1960)
The Comedy Spot (TV Episode) (1960)
Strangers When We Meet (1960)
Not for Hire (TV Episode) (1960)
Men Into Space (TV Episode) (1960)
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (TV Episode) (1960)
I'll Give My Life (1960)
The Donna Reed Show (TV Episode) (1960)
Never So Few (1959)
M Squad (TV Episode) (1959)
Tightrope (TV Episode) (1959)
The Bat (1959)
Yancy Derringer (TV Episode) (1958)
The Last Hurrah (1958)
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (TV Episode) (1958)
Meet McGraw (TV Episode) (1958)
Run Silent Run Deep (1958)
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon (TV Episode) (1958)
Flight (TV Episode) (1958)
How to Marry a Millionaire (TV Episode) (1958)
The Gray Ghost (TV Episode) (1958)
Man of a Thousand Faces (1957)
The 27th Day (1957)
Panic! (TV Episode) (1957)
Navy Log (TV Episode) (1957)
Code 3 (TV Episode) (1957)
Father Knows Best (TV Episode) (1957)
Four Girls in Town (1957)
Courage of Black Beauty (1957)
State Trooper (TV Episode) (1956)
The Adventures of Jim Bowie (TV Episode) (1956)
The Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu (TV Episode) (1956)
The 20th Century-Fox Hour (TV Episode) (1956)
Studio 57 (TV Episode) (1956)
Cavalcade of America (TV Episode) (1956)
TV Reader's Digest (TV Episode) (1955)
Science Fiction Theatre (TV Episode) (1955)
The Man Behind the Badge (TV Episode) (1955)
The Lone Ranger (TV Episode) (1955)
To Hell and Back (1955)
The Millionaire (TV Episode) (1955)
Letter to Loretta (TV Episode) (1955)
The Public Defender (TV Episode) (1955)
Johnny Dark (1954)
Topper (TV Episode) (1954)
Four Star Playhouse (TV Episode) (1954)
From Here to Eternity (1953)
Mr. & Mrs. North (TV Episode) (1953)
Red Snow (1952)
A Millionaire for Christy (1951)
Darling, How Could You! (1951)
Inside Straight (1951)
The Mating Season (1951)
Dial 1119 (1950)