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Anne Reid
Birth Date:
28 May 1935, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, UK
Cemetery Junction (2010)
"Five Days 2" (post-production) (TV Episode) (2010)
Ladies of Letters (TV Episode) (2009)
In Love with Barbara (TV) (2008)
Faintheart (2008)
Affinity (2008)
Shameless (TV Episode) (2008)
Savage Grace (2007)
Hit for Six (2007)
Doctor Who (TV Episode) (2007)
Marple: Nemesis (TV) (2007)
The Bad Mother's Handbook (TV) (2007)
Hot Fuzz (2007)
Life Begins (TV Episode) (2006)
Jane Eyre (TV Episode) (2006)
The Booze Cruise III (TV) (2006)
The True Voice of Murder (TV) (2006)
The Booze Cruise II: The Treasure Hunt (TV) (2005)
Bleak House (TV Episode) (2005)
A Little Trip to Heaven (2005)
Rose and Maloney (TV Episode) (2004)
The Young Visiters (TV) (2003)
The Booze Cruise (TV) (2003)
The Mother (2003)
Midsomer Murders (TV Episode) (2003)
Dalziel and Pascoe (TV Episode) (2002)
Sweet Charity (TV) (2002)
Linda Green (TV Episode) (2001)
The Incredible Adventures of Wallace & Gromit (2001)
Liam (2000)
Dinnerladies (TV Episode) (2000)
Peak Practice (TV Episode) (1999)
Lost for Words (TV) (1999)
Heartbeat (TV Episode) (1997)
Spark (TV Series) (1997)
Paul Merton in Galton and Simpson's... (TV Episode) (1997)
Love and Death on Long Island (1997)
The Wingless Bird (TV) (1997)
Hetty Wainthropp Investigates (TV Episode) (1996)
Wallace and Gromit in A Close Shave (1995)
The Infiltrator (TV) (1995)
Pat and Margaret (TV) (1994)
Where the Buffalo Roam (TV) (1994)
Firm Friends (TV Episode) (1994)
Roughnecks (TV Series) (1994)
Micky Love (TV) (1993)
Ruth Rendell Mysteries (TV Episode) (1992)
Casualty (TV Episode) (1992)
Very Big Very Soon (TV Episode) (1991)
Rich Tea and Sympathy (TV Series) (1991)
The Upper Hand (TV Episode) (1991)
Made in Heaven (TV Episode) (1990)
A Bit of Fry and Laurie (TV Episode) (1990)
Victoria Wood (TV Episode) (1989)
Doctor Who (TV Episode) (1989)
Boon (TV Episode) (1988)
Inappropriate Behaviour (TV) (1987)
Victoria Wood: As Seen on TV (TV Episode) (1986)
Bleak House (1985)
My Father's House (TV Episode) (1981)
The Mallens (TV Episode) (1980)
Leave It to Charlie (TV Episode) (1979)
Crown Court (TV Episode) (1978)
Strangers (TV Episode) (1978)
ITV Playhouse (TV Episode) (1978)
Heydays Hotel (TV) (1977)
Red Letter Day (TV Episode) (1976)
Six Days of Justice (TV Episode) (1973)
Play for Today (TV Episode) (1973)
Buggins' Ermine (TV) (1972)
Coronation Street (TV Episode) (1971)
Hancock's Half Hour (TV Episode) (1959)
Passport to Shame (1958)
The Adventures of Robin Hood (TV Episode) (1958)
Time Is the Enemy (TV Series) (1958)
The Benny Hill Show (TV Episode) (1957)